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Online Learning Opportunities for Educators

Acquire new strategies while you collaborate virtually with like-minded individuals who are dedicated to enhancing their craft! The Teaching Excellence Academy of Carnegie Science Center offers online STEM education workshops designed to suit your professional learning needs. Whether your educational role is formal or informal, we are here to help and invite you to join us for these valuable learning experiences.

In this series, we focus on what is important to you:

  1. STEM education best practices
  2. Strategies for both in-person and online instruction
  3. Online tools to engage students


Available starting August 2020 for individual educators and/or entire schools or districts. Select specific workshops or choose the entire package.

What is STEM? (one-hour)
Discuss factors that make for a collaborative STEM learning environment, as well as resource materials that incorporate STEM into multiple subject areas. Experience digital breakout rooms as a method for cooperative online learning.

The Next Step in STEM (one-hour)
Engage in this action-oriented workshop that will have you collaboratively planning for the implementation of your STEM education program. Utilize a digital whiteboard as an online tool while you learn about employing strategic methods such as creative matrices and directed brainstorming.

Project-Based Learning (one-hour)
Use your expertise to develop STEM projects that address real-world problems and require students to be engaged. Gain project resources and group work strategies while experiencing a digital tool that aids online collaboration and organization.

Inquiry-Based Education (one-hour)
Learn simple strategies to turn existing lessons and activities into ones driven by student curiosity that give kids the opportunity to practice and develop their STEM skills. Take advantage of free Google features that can help to increase student engagement.

Integrating STEM into Your Curriculum (one-hour)
Learn the value of curriculum integration and its place within the STEM universe.

Participants will use Zoom’s breakout room and whiteboard features while brainstorming potential avenues for subject integration. They will then begin designing a lesson that can be used upon leaving the workshop.

Career Awareness Through Tech Exploration (one-hour)
Gain strategies on how to illuminate career pathways using innovative educational technology. Discuss ways to engage students in STEM learning using technology and tools available in the classroom or at home.

For more information, call Jeremy Bassett, Teaching Excellence Academy Manager, at 412.237.1634 or email bassettj@CarnegieScienceCenter.org.

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