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The Pittsburgh Regional STE(A)M Ecosystem

Expanding opportunities and enhancing quality in STEM and STEAM Learning.

The STE(A)M Ecosystem is a regional collaborative comprised of individuals and organizations who seek to equitably equip and empower learners to use
S cience, T echnology, E ngineering, A rts, and M ath to better themselves and their world. We prioritize interdisciplinary learning and high-quality programming that is relevant to students’ lives and future careers.


What's the Ecosystem?

The Pittsburgh STE(A)M Ecosystem seeks to understand the STEM and STEAM learning landscape within a 5-county region surrounding the City of Pittsburgh with the hopes of articulating pathways for STEM and STEAM learning that connects formal and informal experiences for all of our region’s children from early childhood to postsecondary education.

Representing more than 30 member organizations including schools, museums, higher education partners, professional development agencies, workforce initiatives, and others, the ecosystem is working to develop a collaborative Regional Vision, Goals, and Metrics for continuous improvement in improving STEM and STEAM learning opportunities, especially in under-served communities.

The Pittsburgh Regional STE(A)M Ecosystem is a member of the national STEM Learning Ecosystems community of practices. Launched in 2015 by the STEM Funders Network, today there are 98 communities across the United States building cross-sector collaborations to deliver rigorous, effective preK-16 instruction in STEM and STEAM learning.

The Pittsburgh STE(A)M ecosystem is one of 98 ecosystems in a global community of practice of the National STEM Ecosystems Initiative. View our many STE(A)M Ecosystem Recommended Resources!