About STEMisphere

It’s the 21st century and the importance of a strong foundation in STEM education continues to grow. Over the next decade, over a million STEM graduates will be needed to fill the nation’s employment needs. Despite the obvious economic need, the United States currently ranks 52nd  in the quality of math and science education worldwide. We aim to change that.

The mission of STEMisphere is to provide access to all of the exceptional STEM education opportunities available by focusing on the following goals:

Collaboration: STEMisphere strives to bring together all stakeholders to collectively address STEM education in our region.

Great Teaching: By strengthening education at all grade levels, pre-K through 12th grade, through a core of capable and inspirational STEM teachers via partnerships with ASSET and the Math & Science Collaborative.

Inspired Learning: By inspiring appreciation and excitement among students, STEMisphere will improve academic success and increase opportunities for college education.

A Committed Community: STEMisphere will achieve a sustained commitment to STEM education through innovation, communication, collaboration, evaluation and informed decision making. With the help of community business leaders, government officials, educators, parents and other stakeholders, we will continue to build upon the quality of education.

STEMisphere is the central hub for the region’s STEM resources and acts as a directory for students, parents, educators and others who are interested in STEM education. Carnegie Science Center is pleased to collaborate with STEM Resource Centers  across the county to provide quality STEM education to our local communities and we always welcome involvement by other potential partners.

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Information is power.  Help us ensure STEMisphere continues to provide a portal to the universe of STEM opportunities in southwestern Pennsylvania.

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STEMisphere Kiosk

Located in the lobby of Carnegie Science Center, is our new STEMisphere Kiosk. While visiting the science center, be sure to stop by and explore STEMisphere!