AmbyGear’s New Smartwatch For Kids Combines GPS Tracking With Educational Games (TechCrunch)

A company called Ambit Networks has just launched its own take on wearables aimed at children with the debut of the AmbyGear Smart Watch, now live on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The new watch includes built-in GPS and alerts for parents as well as educational content and games for kids. It’s initially available for $99, and will ship later this summer. Specifically, AmbyGear’s watch is aimed at children ages 3 to 11 – when they’re too young to have a smartphone of their own, but at an age where they may either wander off, or still need to be in touch with their parents somehow. Today, there are a number of competitors building smartwatches for children, including devices like Flip Technologies‘ FiLIP 2, VTech’s Kidizoom, the Burg 31, B-On’s Amigo watch, the Jumpy, and many more. But in some cases, companies in this space are focused on building watches that address parents’ needs to monitor and track their children, without offering things that the kids themselves might enjoy. With AmbyGear, however, the watch is a combination of a kid-tracker, parent-child communication device, and a source of mobile games for kids. Using the watch’s built-in GPS, parents can locate their kids, as is typical with kids’ smartwatches, but in AmbyGear’s case, the reverse of that feature is also available – kids can use a “Finder” app to locate their parents in the event they become lost or just feel unsafe. Parents can also configure boundary alerts, which let them be notified if their child moves outside a specific geo-fenced area. In addition, there’s a unique kid-friendly texting function that lets parents send short messages to kids like “Time to go home!” which kids can respond to with just a tap in order to say “OK.” Parents are able to communicate and track their kids using the accompanying AmbyGear mobile app, which lets them configure the watch with new games and apps, as well as receive geo-fence alerts and “tamper alerts” which inform parents if the watch is being removed, and more.